Your Offer


Congratulations! We have found a cash buyer who is ready to invest in a property such as yours in your area. Based on the estimated value of your property of£250000 and its current asking price on the market (if it is on the market), the initial cash offer that you are likely to receive would be in the region of [ninja_forms_field id=60].

In the current market, this preliminary offer has taken into account the minimum discount that any honest cash buyer would need in order to make the investment viable. Therefore, if you are serious about selling your property to a genuine investor with all your costs included, it is important that you are in a position to consider and discuss this offer with the buyer.
Don’t forget that in the current slow market, a quick and hassle-free sale will save you money on:

Estate agency fee – this is a private sale so there is no agency fee to pay
Home Information Pack (HIP) – again, this is a private sale and it is exempt from a HIP
The valuation – the independent valuation cost is met by the cash buyer
Your solicitor’s fee – this is also met by the cash buyer.
Monthly mortgage payments – the completion can be as quick as 4 weeks so save thousands from your mortgage interests.
Your cash buyer is ready to contact you to discuss this preliminary offer soon! However, we will need to ask you to confirm that you are serious about discussing this preliminary offer with this genuine buyer with no obligation.

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